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  Measurements Chart, Men's Please FILL in entire chart
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Men's Height Chart
5' 4" to 5' 8" :Short
5' 8" to 5'10" :Regular
5'10" to 6' 3" :Long/Tall
6' 3" to 6' 7" :X-Long)

Desired Fit
Loose Fit
Snug Fit  
MEASURE Carefully.
Incorrect measurements yield POOR FITTING clothing!
Size Chart drawing

Present Day Sizes Generally Worn

   Suit Coat: (i.e. 42R, 46L)

   Trousers:   Waist:  "    Inseam:  "

   Shirt: Neck:  " Sleeves:     "

   Weight: lbs. (Important!)

   Shoe Size:   (i.e. 9 1/2 D)

How to Measure
(except for height, enter fractional measurements. IE: 14.5" or 14 1/2")
 ' " 1. HEIGHT: Standing against a wall without shoes. (IE: 5' 9")
" 2. CHEST: Around the fullest part, take a deep breath. (Coats sizes 36-44 Short add 10% to price, 46 & 48 add 15% to price, 50 & 52 add 30% to price and 54 & 56 add 45% to price)
" 3. NATURAL WAIST: Taken around the body at the belly button. (Waist sizes 40"-44" add 10% to price, 46" & 48" add 25% to price and 50" - 54" add 45% to price)
" 4. HIPS: Taken around the fullest part of the seat.
" 5. NECK: Taken around the neck at the Adam's apple.
" 6. SHIRT SLEEVE: From neck base at center of back, along shoulder, over bent arm to wrist.
" 7. COAT SLEEVE: From top of arm at shoulder to 1" above first set of knuckles.
" 8. LARGEST CIRCUMFERENCE OF STOMACH: Taken around the largest part of the stomach or belly.
" 9. FINISHED INSEAM: Along seam on inside of leg to desired length.
" 10. FRONT WAIST LENGTH: From the spot where the two collar bones meet, measure to the natural waist.
" 11. FINISHED LENGTH OF SHELLS: The length you want your shelljacket, neck to finished bottom.
" 12. FINISHED FRONT OF FROCKCOATS: The length you want your frockcoat, neck to skirt bottom.
" 13. BACK WAIST LENGTH: From the small bone at the top of the spine to the waistline in back.
" 14. FINISHED BACK LENGTH OF SHELLJACKETS: The back length you want your shelljacket to be when finished.
" 15. SKIRT LENGTH OF FROCKCOATS: Length of skirt, from waist seam to bottom of skirt.
" 16. HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE: Taken around the head just above the ears.
" 17. THIGH: Largest part of thigh, for chaps.
Sloping Shoulder
Regular Shoulder
High Shoulder
Square Shoulder



Erect Posture
Normal Posture
Head Forward Posture
Head Forward
Sloping Posture


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