How to place an order with the

Leavey Foundation for Historic Preservation, Inc. (


is done on our
Secure Server

Our Shopping Cart has options for: Payment: Credit Cards via secure server or telephone, Checks & Money Orders.

Shipping: Domestic Shipping (continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and Territories). International Shipping to MOST countries.

Double Check your purchases, including ALL options, shipping, and payment.

Complete Checkout or it WILL delay your order. Additional how to order info.


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11/11/2020 NOTE: We are trying to get things restarted, but is taking time.
Medical Issues are still a problem and have been for some time. I am
going to have to cut back on products as we run out of slow moving items.
Call before ordering if you want to see where we are.

A Computer Crash lost orders made prior to 2/10/2018.


If you need additional information about any items on our site, there are several ways to Contact US


Prices are Up-To-Date as of February 15, 2017.
  1. our Primary Site at
  2. our Mirror Site at
  3. Check the Size Adder information for Big and Tall Sizes.
  4. Use the Men's "Measurements Chart"or the Ladies "Measurements Chart" for clothing if desired.
    Use the "Shoe Measurement Chart" for boots & shoes if desired.

Order Info:

    Sales to Individuals is a secondary part of our business. We do sell to any individual who is interested in purchasing items from us, but to be able to keep our prices at the current levels, the following policies are in effect.

Personal Information - Opt-In / Opt-Out

    We ONLY use the personal information you supply us with to process and send your order. We have to supply this information to the delivery service who will be delivering your order. If you wish to Opt-Out from supplying your personal information, DO NOT purchase from us. Buy placing an order, you Opt-In under the terms of our Privacy Policy. Although I don't know why anyone would object to supplying personal information that is needed to make a purchase over the internet.

The Shopping  Cart

    The shopping cart MUST BE used for all purchases AND YOU MUST complete the check process of it. IF you DO NOT complete the check-out process through all the screens/steps, it will substantially delay your order.

     If you DO NOT have access to a computer, you can phone in your order and we will enter it over the Internet for a $10.00 fee.

How to use the Shopping Cart

    Just add the items you want, using the "Order" button in the Add 2 Cart box. Then click continue shopping option and add any additional items you wish to purchase. At any time you can click the "View Cart" button to see view the contents of your shopping cart. When you are done adding items, view the cart, select the shipping and payment options you want and click "Purchase for $" button.

    The shopping cart will total your purchase, add in the shipping charges and add sales tax if you ship your purchase to California (click the resident of California box). It will also email a copy of your receipt to you, as well as to us.

    When you are done adding items and are at the " View Cart" page:

  1. Select the Payment Option you want. (We no longer accept PayPal (see why).)
  2. Select the Shipping Option.
  3. Click the "Purchase for $" button
  4. You will be taken to the screen where you enter your shipping/billing information and a comment if you want.
  5. Click the button to continue with purchase
  6. You will be taken to the next screen where you:
    1. For Secure Server Payment: you enter your credit card information, then click the button to send the information.
    2. For Credit Card over Telephone: you get a receipt for your purchase and are given the phone number to call your credit card in.
    3. For Check or Money Order: you get a receipt for your purchase and are given the information on who to make the check out to (AzRA) and where to send your order and payment. Print out two copies of this receipt. One to keep and one to send in with your payment.

All Orders

  1. All orders MUST be Paid In Advance, before shipment, with a Credit Card, Personal Check (delays "in-stock" orders for 10 days for the check to clear), Money Order or Cashiers Check.
  2. Orders of Indian Wars Uniforms (with a few exceptions), Mexican War Uniforms, all Officers Uniforms and Custom Men's Civilian Items take 8 to 10 weeks for delivery. Orders for Ladies dresses and underclothing usually take 2 to 6 weeks. Felt Hats take up to 10 days normally and up to 4 weeks in the fall. Tentage normally takes 6 weeks. Saddles and Tack normally take from 4 to 7 weeks. There are exceptions cause by unusual events: unusual order volume, weather, natural disasters, etc.
  3. Many items are drop shipped from our suppliers, including custom clothing, felt hats, some shoes and very heavy items like tents kegs, wood boxes, etc.
  4. Shipping charges are calculated by the shopping cart.
  5. Check to see if you need to add the "Large or Tall" price adder. The "Price Adder" is REQUIRED on ALL the items from our "Reenactor Quality" supplier. This information is available by clicking the " Size Info" link next to the pricing information, on the items web page.
  6. BE SURE to include all necessary size information, including:
    1. The size being ordered (I.E.: Coat 40R or 44T, Shirt 15-1/2x32, Pants 32" Waist, etc.)
    2. Your NORMAL SIZE that you buy your modern clothing in.
    3. Your Height.
    4. Your Weight.
    5. You may include our "Measurements Chart".
  7. BE VERY SURE you are ordering the correct items, in the correct sizes and colors. In most cases there are NO RETURNS / REFUNDS if we sent you the item you ordered and in the size/color you ordered it in! There are some exceptions for items that are stocked in the store. But, don't assume an item is a stocked item, check with us before ordering if you have a question about the return policy for a specific item.
  8. BE SURE to include your shipping information:
    1. Name
    2. Street Address
    3. City, State, Zip-Code
    4. Telephone number, including Area Code and best time to reach you.
    5. E-Mail address


  1.     IN-STOCK: Items that are in stock in our store normally take 1 to 3 days for processing, packaging, labeling and dropping off at the Post Office.
  2.     OUT-OF-STOCK (Back-Order Items): Items that are In-Stock items, but are currently Out-Of-Stock vary in the restocking time. If the manufacturer has it in-stock we will receive it in 7 to 14 days. If the manufacturer is out-of-stock on an item it can take much longer (in rare cases many months.) If you can't wait for a Back-Ordered item please call us to substitute with a different item or cancel the item.
  3.     We ship items from the store using Priority Mail from the U.S. Post Office. Transit time for Priority Mail are 2 to 3 days for domestic shipment and up to 10 days for International Shipments, NOT Including time spent in your countries Customs.
  4.     Items that Drop Ship directly from the manufacturer are shipped via UPS. Transit times for UPS are up to 7 days for domestic shipment and up to 15 days for International Shipments, NOT Including time spent in your countries Customs.
  5.     If you have a date the order is needed by, place the words "Needed by" and the date (a few days before) the order is needed for in the comments field on the shipping/billing page at check-out.

Credit Cards

    We accept credit cards via our secure server or over the phone. This includes MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. We do not process your credit card online when you submit your order. We process them manually when your order is being processed. For custom items that is when the order is sent to the manufacturer to be made. For in-stock items that is when we get ready to pull your order for shipment.

    Use the Shopping Cart, following the instruction above (The Shopping Cart) for adding all the items you want to purchase to the shopping cart and select the "Secure Online Credit Card Transaction" or the "Credit Card Transaction Via Telephone" option.

Check and Money Orders

    We accept personal checks, business checks and money orders. The shopping card with compute the total, add sales tax (in California ONLY) and add the shipping charges. It will then create an order form to be sent with your check/money order to us. There is information at the bottom of the form on who to make the payment to (either "Leavey Foundation for Historic Preservation, Inc. " or "AZRA") and where to send it (8490 Starlite Pines Rd Shingletown, CA 96088).

    Use the Shopping Cart, follow the instruction above (The Shopping Cart) for adding all the items you want to purchase to the shopping cart and select the "Check or Money Order" option.

Purchase Orders

    We will accept a limited number of purchase orders from verifiable government entities (IE: Schools, Museums, etc.), but ONLY if they have no other way to make purchases (IE: School/Museum/etc. Business Credit Card). ALL USE of purchase orders MUST be PRE-AUTHORIZED with us FIRST and the Shopping Cart MUST be completed (see next paragraph).

    Use the Shopping Cart, follow the instruction above (The Shopping Cart) for adding all the items you want to purchase to the shopping cart and select the "Check or Money Order" option. You must complete the check-out process of the shopping cart! This will give you a list of all the items you are purchasing, along with their prices, the shipping amount and the total price of the order. It also assigns a "Shopper Id/Customer Id" to the order. The order will NOT BE processed until the proper "Purchase Order" Paperwork arrives at our location.

International Orders:

    We do ship to most countries, those that we currently ship to have an option for them on the shopping cart. If your country is not listed then we either have not shipped to that country yet or it is one of the countries we will not ship to. We will not ship to countries that have a reputation for fraudulent orders. If your country is not listed, you can contact us to see if we will add it.

    IMPORT DUTIES: Most, if not all, countries charge import duties on everything coming from outside that country. Some of these import duties are minimal, but some can be very expensive. Please check to see what your countries import duties will be before ordering. These import duties ARE NOT included in your payment to us. Your purchase price ONLY included the purchase price and shipping, NOT import duties.