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AzRA's Casting Directors
Casting Department & Casting Services

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Casting     AzRA's Casting directors have experience casting for both films and commercials. This has included principals, extras and re-enactors. Because of our historical expertise, we have gained a reputation for casting historical character talent (Old West, Cavalry and etc.). One of our casting directors is an experienced horseman, which gives us and edge when casting horsemen (Cowboys, Cavalry, etc.). Check out our Future Reenactor Film Projects

Talent from previous projects: Actors (SAG & non-union), Stuntmen, Reenactors, Extras and Horsemen cast by our Casting Directors.

    AzRAHist is a Historical Resources Management corporation. Our goal is to help productions with their historical projects. We have the expertise to improve the historical accuracy of the talent, wardrobe, props, set dressing, and etc. Our casting directors know what 1800's Cavalry, Cowboys, Townspeople, Etc. looked like and can therefore ensure that appropriate characters are available for selection. One AzRAHist casting director and several of our casting assistants are experienced horseman, and can ensure that the talent needed for riding parts have the appropriate historical horsemanship skills and knowledge. For the filming of Rambo III, we auditioned over 600 horsemen and filled 50 Re-Enactor / Horseman slots. We also have Reenactor Coordinators, Historical/Technical Advisors and Reenactor Staff available to suit your needs.

    We are/were listed on the Arizona Screen Actors Guild (SAG) casting directors list.

Click on an image for more pictures and resume.
Scott Beasley
Scott Beasley
Chris Bliss (Stuntman)
Chris Bliss
Wally Bobotek
W. Bobotek
Sal Cardile (Actor, Stuntman)
Sal Cardile
Flint Carney (Actor, Stuntman, Native American)
Flint Carney
B. E. Dooley
B. Dooley
G Duckworth (Actor)
G. Duckworth
Ken Duncan (Native American)
Ken Duncan
Tom Edward (Actor, Voice-Overs)
Tom Edward
Bob Fairfield
Bob Fairfield
Paul W. Hughes
Paul Hughes
Alan Jacques
Alan Jacques
Chuck Larson (Actor)
Chuck Larson
Charles Lewis (SAG: Actor, Stuntman)
Charles Lewis
Todd Masden
Todd Masden
M. McGee
Mickey McGee
C. McGuire
Cody McGuire
C. Motley (Actor, Stuntman)
Charles Motley
Grady Nix
Grady Nix
A. J. Perille
Anthony Perille
P. Peterson
Paul Peterson
Steve Price (SAG: Actor, Stuntman)
Steve Price
W. Ramey
Wayne Ramey
Jody Sanders
Jody Sanders
John F.Smith, II (Actor)
John Smith, II
J. P. Turgeon
J. P. Turgeon

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Contact: Casting Director

Actors, Re-enactors, Horsemen and Stuntmen

8490 Starlite Pines Road; Shingletown, California 96088

(530) 474-3820 **  FAX: not set-up **  Mobile: (818) 516-9559


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