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Cavalry (AzRA), Back to the Future, III
AzRAHist Cavalry
Back to the Future, III
      Since 1985 we have assisted reenactors, museums and theatrical productions with wardrobe, props, set dressing and tack; as well as film and commercial productions with scenes involving the Military, Old West, Re-Enactors and Horsemen. This has included Historical Advisors, Re-Enactor Coordinators, Casting Directors, Wardrobe, Props, Weapons, Horses and Etc. We have supplied Artillery, Cavalry (including Buffalo Soldiers), Infantry, Navy, Civilians (including: Cowboys, Outlaws, Townspeople, Trappers, etc.) and Camps.

     We can assist in any or all aspects of a projects historical needs, including Casting (Principal, Extra and Re-Enactor), Re-Enactors, Wardrobe, Props, Set Dressing, Livestock, Tack, Weapons and more. Our client is the Entertainment Industry, including Feature Films, Television, Commercials, Promotions and Industrials. Our main emphasis is American History from 1820-1920, including the American Civil War, Indian Wars and the Old West. We can offer a single service (I.E.: Wardrobe Rental) or bundle multiple services into a package (Historical Resources Management.)

     Our Credits include: Wild Wild West, Glory, Ironclads (TNT), Rambo 3, Young Riders, Buffalo Soldiers (Discovery Channel) and Geronimo (TNT). This has entailed travel to and work in a variety of states.

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