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Charles E. Motley

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Height: 6' 3" Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Blue Hair: Lt. Brown
Non-Union AGENT: None
Horse Experience: 20 Years, 80 Hours per month. Horse stable owner.
Horse Equipment: 1859 McClellan saddle and tack, Western saddles and tack.
Wardrobe: Civilian 1870's-1880's; Military 1860's-1880's US Cavalry.
Weapons: Various percussion & cartridge Rifles and Pistols, Sabers.
Hobbies/Interests: 1860's - 1880's History, Trail Rides.
Product Character Production Company
Blind Justice Re-Enactor - Cavalryman Lucky Nell Productions
Young Riders Re-Enactor - Confederate Cavalry Sergeant MGM/UA TV
Young Riders Outlaw MGM/UA TV
Highwayman Extra - Policeman, Soldier  
Postman Extra - Mounted Rider Kevin Costner
Far and Away Re-Enactor - Mounted Civilian Imagine Films
Back to the Future, III Re-Enactor - Cavalryman Three
Rambo III Re-Enactor - Mounted Afghan Mujahadeen Rambo Productions
Marlboro Cigarettes Marlboro Man  
Video Animation
Computer Video Game Gunfighter American Laser
Don Baker Acting Workshop, Acting & Auditioning Workshop - L & A
Special Abilities
Wrangler, Horse Training, Riding Instructor; Supplied horses for: National Eldorado Cadillac Commercial, Tanya Tucker Video, German T.V. Series - Happy Journey, Arizona Public Service Co. Commercial

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